Emily started off in the trenches of the writing and editing world of newspaper reporting on the most basic stories. Today, she is an editor for various highly respected brands and newsletters.

If you're looking to:

- Grow your career as an editor

- Get noticed by an editorial publication as a writer

- Find out some amazing tips of how you can get started in a writing and editing career for highly-respected brands...

Tune in for what Emily has to share in this eye-opening episode. She shares amazing tips for launching your career, as well as some deeply insightful ideas to address some of the day to day challenges of being an editor that writers want to work with.

Emily spent the early part of her career in the heavy-hitting world of newspapers and worked her way up. You will want to catch this episode especially if you are interesting in blogging, reporting, writing, editing, ghostwriting, or even working at a major publication.

To connect with Emily, check out her LinkedIn profile in the link below:


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