In this interesting podcast, you will hear ideas for workplace improvement from an executive standpoint. 

Eddie goes over thoughts on handling bosses who steal your work, and how bosses can better improve their understanding of employees to improve retention.

You'll learn a lot about his upcoming books, and even get some ideas for how to get started on publishing your own work, motivating employees, and more.

Plus as a special bonus, find out what might motivate you to put on a suit, every day.

Eddie Loussararian is a Director of Training driven by improving employee engagement, culture, workflows and operational efficiencies. He uses team member feedback and reporting analytics to identify process improvements and then work with the Executive Team to implement new programs to control costs and improve service.

Eddie Loussararian champions a strong focus on employee engagement and customer loyalty. An outstanding leader who inspires team members through communication, team building, and recognition.

For speaking engagements or more information, contact him at

And check out his books:

"When Bosses Go Wild" and "64 Life Hacks for Success"

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